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Level One

The Seven Principle Exercises Qigong


 The exercises, meditations, visualizations and mind/body integration skills start to relax and release the stress of the body in the very first session.


Students learn the Seven Principle Exercises Qigong (Chi Kung) created by the founder of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan: Yang Lu Shan and the Movements of Peace Qigong. Providing them with a 30 minute meditation exercise program.

  • Class 1 *
    • Introduction to Tai Chi history, philosophy and principles
    • Relaxation, meditation, instruction
    • First exercise in mind/body integration
    • Meditation #1: Progressive relaxation and energy wave
    • Alignment of the body and breathing insruction
    • Holding the Ball exercise
  • Class 2
    • Meditation #2: Bone Marrow Healing 
    • Practice session
    • Exercise 2 to open the spine and back and further relax the body
    • Introduction to tissue adhesions
    • Wiggle exercises
  • Class 3
    • Meditation #3: Beyond the DNA 
    • Practice session
    • Exercise 3 to align and balance body axis and movement
  • Class 4
    • Practice session
    • Exercise 4 to stretch back and legs, learn walking steps, and balance
  • Class 5
    • Practice session
    • Exercises 5, 6 & 7
    • How were designed to "shift" weight and walk
  • Class 6
    • Practice session reviewing all seven exercises
    • Immovable body drill for balance and rooting
    • Meditation #4: Flying Free (short version)
    • Introduction to Resonant Energy Wave
  • Class 7
    • Practice review session of all seven exercises
    • Instruction and practice of Movements of Peace Qigong
  • Class 8
    •  Movements of Peace review and breath cycles
    • Physiology of breathing and brain regeneration
    • Hengha breathing
    • Infrasonic qigong
    • Incorruptibilty and immortality
    • Intro to Level 2

* Class 1 is 2 hours in length. All other classes are 1 hour in length.

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