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Healing Tao of Cincinnati


Instructor Julia Johanan with Healing Tao Founder Mantak Chia


The Healing Tao is a complete body, mind and spirit system based on Taoist practices of over 6 thousand years old.  Created by Taoist expert and international author Mantak Chia, it is an integrated system for health, self- healing and spiritual cultivation. Called the "internal arts" this system is based on forms of Chi Kung, which include standing, moving and sitting meditations.  The Healing Tao uses a precise, simple step-by-step process, and each step builds on the next. These easily understood steps enable everyone to achieve results, especially the beginner! Healing Tao practices are Simple, Fun, Extremely Effective, Tangible, and Accessible to All. If you're looking to create health, heal disease, gain vitality, or to elevate your spiritual practice the Healing Tao system might be the answer you're looking for.

The Healing Tao system was also created to help one gain immortality during this lifetime. The Taoist concept of immortality does not mean you live forever physically. Immortality means you achieve spiritual integration of your true authentic self.
 Your true Authentic self is your physical body’s creative essence, the energy body, and the spiritual body combined with your individual personality.

The integration of body, energy, spirit and individuality is achieved by Inner Alchemy. Inner Alchemy is a form of meditative Chi Kung that uses precise, simple step-by-step processes, with each step building on the next. While practicing Inner Alchemy you will enjoy the health benefits that comes along with an integrated self. Experience healing of disease, renewed vitality, emotional balance and a priceless feeling of interconnectedness with the world around you.

Course of Study


At this time I will be offering the Fundamentals levels 1-4 as well as Tao Yin. These Fundamentals will be the basis for which all later courses will be based upon. They can be practiced alone or together. You should spend 20 minutes in the morning and at night. However, even doing 10 minutes a day can help. The rule of thumb is to experiment with a new method until you feel you “own the practice’. This means it is inside you, you can tap it anytime, it feels comfortable and familiar.You do NOT need to “master” or “perfect” these practices before adding or shifting to the next course. Mastery is a continuous, lifelong process.

Qigong Fundamentals levels 1,2,3,4
* These classes will only be taught at Whatever Works Wellness Center and White Willow School of Tai Chi.* First intensive is Oct 16th.

1. Qigong Fundamentals 1. Getting in touch with yourself
- Fun, short routines to get your Chi flowing.
- Release emotional stress effortlessly and smile more
- Simple profound treasures to enjoy your entire life.
- easy meditations even if you've never been able to meditate.

2. Qigong Fundamentals 2: Internal Chi Breathing
- Learn to use each breath to develop a powerful Energy Body.
- Opens up our ability to breathe Life Force ( chi ). This radically improves our ability to “breathe in our experience of life".
- Helps heal respiratory illnesses

3. Qigong Fundamentals 3: Bone Breathing and Rooting, Joint & Tendon exercises and Core Channel Breathing.
- Prevent & heal many chronic diseases with bone breathing
- Gain new flexibility in your tendons & joints
- Helps prevent & heal Osteoporosis
- Helps prevent and heal Arthritis

4. Qigong Fundamentals 4: Tao inner alchemy Made Simple & Practical
- the Microcosmic Orbit, mentioned in texts 2000 years old. Lays the foundation for all higher formulas in the Healing Tao system
- Get Chi flowing up your spine and down your chest. These two powerful “master” acupuncture channels control the yin-yang balance of ALL your body’s meridians and vital organs - the hidden key to good health.
- Learn the key to deep inner balance
- Helps stop obsessive behavior
- Feel amazing, full of vitality, and connected

Taoist yoga coming soon to Whatever Works Wellness Center and White Willow School of Tai Chi.
Taoist Yoga (Tao Yin)
A great system highly recommended for:
-Yogis wanting to deepen their practices, get more out of stretching!
- Martial arts practitioners who would like an integrated warm -up before their practice
- Athletes who would like to prevent injuries
- New mothers, looking for a tune up
- Anyone looking to increase strength in workouts
- Anyone wanting to feel healthy in a less "workout" and sweaty way

The Tao Yin floor postures (similar to traditional Yoga) are exercises that relax, open up, strengthen and heal the body. These exercises help strengthen the difficult to reach psoas muscle, loosen the lumbar spine, increase flexibility and strength in the tendons, and awaken healing energy in the 3 Tan Tiens. These exercises will help you feel strong in a way you've never felt before.

An important aspect of Tao Yin is that it has alternating phases of activity and relaxation. During the relaxation phase you will learn to feel and gently guide the Chi flow to specific areas of your body. This practice will help you relieve any energy stagnation.

Tao Yin exercises are an ancient precursor of chi kung and are practiced for health and spiritual cultivation. Tao Yin is great for Tai Chi, Chi kung and martial arts students. The Taoist sages developed it in conjunction with Chi Kung and Tai Chi so it is perfectly designed to enhance either practices.

PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT A TYPICAL YOGA CLASS. Each class will focus on deepening a few exercises then go on to a sequence of exercises all ready learned. However, students are welcome to drop in at any time. The end of class will include a meditation to collect the energy generated during Tao Yin Yoga.

I am available for private lessons. I am also able to travel to Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, Lexington, and more.
Any Questions??? Please message me or give me a call any day before 10pm.

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