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All of the Articles below have been authored by Master Teacher Vincent Lasorso, Jr. Click on the title of the Article to read the full text. If the topics explored here interest you and/or you have comments, feedback, criticisms, etc, please contact him directly - he would love to hear from you!

The White Willow 'Style' of Tai ChiThe White Willow 'Style' of Tai Chi
(Published: March 12, 2009)

Over the last half century, this question has come to mean: "What is the name of the choreography of your form set?" Style has become dance choreography with names like Yang Style (referring to the form of Yang Chen Fu), Wu Style, The 48 Form, The 24 Form, and The Chen Style. Each of these has a form choreography that students learn,"push hands" duo choreography, and sometimes a sword choreography.

Parkinson's ProtocolParkinson's Protocol
(Published: May 19, 2007)

Qigong (Chi Kung) is a 4000 year old, Chinese method of healing through patterned physical movements that induce organic healing responses within the organism. Related to Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong is much easier to perform, has more physical benefits and is almost exclusively a healing system.

The Physics of Inner PeaceThe Physics of Inner Peace
(Published: March 2, 2006)

Each of us is wired by design to be in harmony with ourselves, others, the environment, the universe and the creative force of love underlying it all. However, we get so caught up in the activities of our lives that we forget inner peace is our natural state of being.

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