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Core Program

The Core program of White Willow School of Tai Chi is designed to teach a student how to master and apply the mind/body connection through the forms and movements of Tai Chi and Qigong, and achieve a healthy piable body. We are focused upon releasing stress from your life, your body and your mind.

Our program  teaches the most advanced Tai Chi principles to the average everyday person making it relevant and applicable to their lives.You need no experience in Tai Chi or any movement art to excel in this program.

Although designed for normal people, the program includes in-depth instruction in relaxation, meditation, body alignment and mechanics, integrated movement, functional anatomy, and hands-on healing. Everything we do and teach is "myth free." We work from the most contemporary studies of physiology and fitness.

Meditation is in Everything Meditation is in Everything

Meditation isn't what you think. It has nothing to do with the contents of your thoughts. Meditation is where your brain waves are when you are having those thoughts. A person doesn't need to have a calm, quiet, mind to achieve the healing, regenerative and perception expanding benefits of meditation.

"I have been professionally teaching meditation and stress management since 1985 and I have learned that "stressed out" people become even more stressed by the concept of routinely scheduling time everyday to sit still and quiet in stationary meditation. Despite the benefits of meditation, the majority of people quit before they make relaxation a habit in their lives. Our program introduces easy physical triggers to put the body and mind into a meditative relaxation response. This takes only a couple of minutes to learn and master. Then by adding unfamilar, slow, gentle movements, we can release their physical stress, slow down their physiology and engage their mindful attention upon relaxing."

Our begining meditation works from the outside inward. But we quickly follow this with training in progressive relaxation and guided meditation. In a few months time, an average student will voluntarily spend time everyday sitting in mindful awareness of their breathing and environment.


                                    Vince Lasorso

Level One Level One

The first step in achieving a healthy body is to learn how to relax the body, elongate the tissues, free obstructed range of motion, increase tissue piability and learn the skills to prevent the future accumulation of stress within the body.

Level Two Level Two

The next step in the sound body process is to discipline the mind/body connection through patterned form movements. The 60 movement Heaven Form, created by Yang LuShan, further increases range of motion, strength and a new relationship between the legs and pelvis.

Levels Three & Four

Moving the body as an integrated unit is accomplished through fast flowing, continuous motion Qigong drills and form.

Advanced Level One

Advanced Level One takes the student into the deeper body mechanics of the Seven Principle Movements Qigong (learned in Level One).

Levels Five & Six

The Earth and Man forms can easily be categorized as some the most complex Tai Chi forms in practice.

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