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Level Two

The Heaven Form

The next step in the sound body process is to discipline the mind/body connection through patterned form movements. The 60 movement Heaven Form, created by Yang LuShan, further increases range of motion, strength and a new relationship between the legs and pelvis.

TaiChi PostureThis sequence of meditative movements is very relaxing. Students are taught on an individual basis in a group environment. Each student progresses through the lesson plan at their own pace according to their own learning style. The movements are broken down into logical drills and exercises that train the body with the least amount of stress and confusion. The student progresses as quickly as they can retain the information.

This is the first form of the Secret Yang System of Tai Chi. It is both the beginner's and master's form. The form takes approximately 25 lessons to learn. Classes are available four times per week. Students may attend as many classes as they wish.


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