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Level One

Level One teaches the principles and techniques of: relaxation, movement, body alignment and mechanics, meditation, breathing, and muscle release - through lecture, qigong exercises, guided meditations, and mind/body integration drills. This level is taught as a physical therapy modality, not an exercise class. But you will get plenty of exercise. Learn More.

The following dates are the start dates and times on when each eight week session begins. The eight sessions meet consecutively on the same day and time each week. Class one is two hours in length the rest are an hour each.

Cost: $150 (includes guide book and DVD)

(See refund policy below)

Classes are held in the upper level of Whatever Works Wellness Center & Bookstore. Whatever Works is located in a large home on Montgomery road. The ambiance is that of a middle class home with some cute little hypo-allergenic dogs. (Most people like the animals.) Whatever Works sells incense and scented candles which you have to walk past to get to class. No incense or candles are burned in the school area.

If you suffer from high sensitivity allergies to dogs, or fragrances, please visit the store and school before attending classes to determine if it is safe for you! If you don't have the opportunity to visit first, please notify us of you allergies prior to taking the class!

Clothing and footwear

Students should wear comfortable clothing. Most people wear normal causal wear clothing that they'd wear to walk around the mall, jeans, kakhis, etc. You want clothes that won't bind on you or impinge your range of motion. We have students who represent many different generations, economic, political and religous backgrounds. Therefore we require that people make clothing choices that are modest and free of images that others may consider offensive or controversial. The classroom should be visually stress free.  Martial arts uniforms or clothing bearing political messages are not allowed.

Our classes are held in a room with foam tile flooring therefore non-permiable footwear is required to prevent oil and preperation from entering the mats. To assume proper body alignments, the footwear should be full flat soles, without a change of elevation from front to rear by a wedge design or heel. There should be very little structure and padding within the shoe.  Mocassins, and "Converse" type sneakers work best. We do accept normal shoes if a person needs arch support or has other structual needs. Shoes should be limited for inside use only.

White Willow Tai Chi is not for Everyone

You should have the physical ability and capability to walk unassisted up a flight of stairs and stand unassisted for ten minutes.

We want everyone to go through the Level One as a group experience. You should have the mental and emotional capacity to participate in group guided meditations and group learning situations.

Start Dates of the Eight Week Program

June 13 Tuesday 7 pm

June 21 Wednesday 10 am

July 20 Thursday 6 pm

July 29 Saturday 12:30 pm

Aug 22 Tuesday 7 pm

Sept 6 Wednesday 10 am

Sept 21 Thursday 6 pm

Oct 7 Saturday 12:30 pm

Oct 24 Tuesday 7 pm

Nov 8 Wednesday 10 am

Nov 30 Thursday 6 pm

Dec 9 Saturday 12:30 pm


Jan 2 Tuesday 7 pm

Jan 10 Wednesday 10 am




Please call to confirm class dates and times (as they may change) and reserve your space. Class sizes are limited to 12 students.

In certain extraordinary circumstances, private lessons are available for $80 per hour.

Missed Classes

Life has the habit of unexpectedly getting in the way of class schedules because of illness, family commitments, and work. Usually the average student can easily miss one class, familarizing themselves with the lesson on the DVD and making it up in the following week review. Missing more than two consecutive classes can be difficult for most to make up. Although the DVD teaches the core lesson it does not provide personal nuances, nor corrections, to make the material more understandable.

Fortunately, because of our rotating start dates, a person can often shift to another class day and time to make up a class or get ahead of a class that they will be missing. You can always restart from the beginning, or pick up your missed classes in another session, anytime within a year.

Refund Policy

The major reasons for people to take Tai Chi classes are generally to change and/or develop coping skills to handle the physical and mental challenges in their lives. We are not responsible if your life style prevents you from coming to classes or maintaining the schedule. However, recognizing that lives, health and circumstances can go out of control, we allow you to restart, or pick-up classes in Level One as many times as is necessary to complete the program up to one year after starting.

Payment for Level One is required on the first day of class. Paying in advance is the surest way to over come the resistance to changing the problematic issues that have brought you to Tai Chi.

We encourage people to investigate our program before committing. You may take the first class on a trial basis for a fee of $40 dollars. (We charge for the first class because it is a valuable workshop in itself.) If you like the program, then you can pay the balance on the following class.

The average student has a pretty strong opinion as to whether or not, they want to commit to the program after the first class.If you have paid in full before class and do not desire to continue;

please let us know at the end of the first class if you want a refund for the balance.  Otherwise there are no refunds.

Level Two

Level Two teaches the first Tai Chi form of the system: the sixty-movement Heaven form of the old small frame Yang system. This form is the master and beginner's form. It takes approximately twenty-five lessons to learn the entire form. Learn More.

Cost: $75 p/month

Classes are available four times a week.

  • Tuesday @ 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday @ 9:00 am
  • Thursday @ 7:00 pm
  • Saturday @ 2:30 pm

You may attend as many classes as you wish. Instruction is given independently according to body type and learning style.


Levels Three & Four

Level Three teaches connective movements from the Heaven form. These movements can be done fast or slow and train the body how to move as a unit and defend itself. Level Four teaches continuous flow through a fast version of the Heaven form. Learn More.

Cost: $75 p/month

It takes approximately 20 sessions to complete both levels.

  • Wednesday @ 7:00 pm
  • Saturday @ 3:30 pm

Advanced Level One

Level One Advanced teaches the advanced body mechanic principles of the Seven Principle Exercises learned in Level One. Students must complete Level Four before taking this program. This level is a prerequisite to moving into the advanced Tai Chi forms of Level Five & Six. Learn More.

Cost: $100

There are seven one-hour sessions meeting on Saturdays from 1:30 to 2:30 pm. Once you have taken this program you may repeat it any time for free. Check at the desk for start dates.

Advanced Level Two

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